2019 Lincoln Continental test drive

The 2019 Lincoln Continental was first introduced at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show. The new Lincoln Continental was hailed for its elegant and upscale exterior styling. The design was so eye-catching, it caught the eye of Bentley designers who for some reason decided to give Lincoln some free advertising by accusing them of stealing design elements from the Bentley Flying Spur.

2019 Lincoln ContinentalThe original Lincoln Continental was first introduced in 1939 but really made a name for itself with the introduction of the post-war 1956 Lincoln Continental Mk2 that rivaled Rolls Royce, at least in terms of sticker price. The subsequent decades saw the Continental rise in popularity till the 1990’s when some really uninspired designs were brought forward. As a result, the Lincoln brand lost much of its lustre, some of which returned with the introduction of the Navigator SUV but the sedan profile languished, till now.

The Continental rides atop a modified platform shared with both sedans and SUV’s. The styling appeals from all angles. Up front the large chromed grille was flanked on our tester by the optional upmarket LED headlights which re-affirmed the Continental’s premium appearance. A long low silhouette culminated with some pretty stylish and distinctive LED taillights. Even the chromed door handles convey a sense of style we haven’t seen on a Lincoln in a while.

Inside the cabin, our tester was packed with a slew of optional gear. Multi adjustable front seats that were heated, air-conditioned, massaging with split thigh supports (excellent idea when one leg is bent and the other straight). Th rear seats were upgraded to include the climate and massing additions as well as the ability to recline and slide fore and aft. The seats proved to be everything they were billed to be, supportive comfortable and a pleasure count off numerous miles in.

The back seat area seemed spacious, at least till I went back there to check it out. Getting in required a partial rotation to avoid hitting my head on the low roofline and framing. Once in, there are two hollowed out roof-liner sections are that permit passengers in the back any reasonable use of these back seats unless the seats are reclined.

The rest of the Continentals cockpit was impressive to behold. A massive panoramic sunroof was hidden behind a retractable shade. The glass roof will also tilt upwards and roll open to allow unfettered access to the outside.2019 Lincoln Continental

Our tester had fantastic wood grain inserts in the stylish dashboard and running beneath the LCD display and climate controls, down the centre console. Primary controls for the seats and climate adjustment were easily reachable and logical to use. One annoying element of the interface as that input for a number of the functions wasn’t possible if the vehicle was moving. Aside from the usual warning, my passenger wasn’t able to input navigation destinations while I was driving.

While there’s much to admire about the interior of the 2019 Lincoln Continental, one feature was somewhat grating. Sitting behind the wheel for the first time I went to get out and sat for a minute or two till I noticed the square button embedded in the arm rest on the door. What appears to be a simple process actually requires you to re-calibrate how you leave a vehicle and how you carry items.

The 2019 Lincoln Continental comes standard with a 333HP 2.7L V6 turbocharged engine mated to a 6 speed transmission. Our test vehicle was powered by the optional 400HP 3.0L Turbo V6 engine. 400HP is a substantial amount of power and while this luxury sedan could never be mistaken for a sport sedan the acceleration is surprising, especially the mid-band acceleration you get when you have to pass other vehicles. Interestingly, as with most other premium sedans in Canada, All Wheel Drive comes standard, which front wheel drive is available in the USA.

On the road, drivers can choose between comfort or sport settings for the vehicle suspension firmness, steering feedback and exhaust note. To be honest, the comfort setting was all anyone needs. Its firm enough to match the stately persona of the car. On the highway, the Continental does what it does best. On a trip down to the Niagara wine region, the Continental gobbled up stretches of highway in supreme comfort, with nary a whisper of exterior noise through impressively sealed windows and doors.

While visibility on the road was excellent, the perimeter warning system and 360 degree camera imaging came in handy when trying to slot the large sedan into parking spots.

Of the numerous features packed into the vehicle safety equipment like adaptive cruise control, collision warning alert and the lane departure systems were all welcome additions.

Overall the 2019 Lincoln Continental offers up a North American take on luxury motoring with an impressive level of refinement and engineering effort with a few minor quirks.

The standard Continental starts at $69,900 CDN and out tester listed for $85,500. While sedans continue to wither on the marketplace, if you are in the market for a domestic luxury sedan, the 2019 Lincoln Continental is worth a long look. For more information feel free to visit Lincoln Canada’s website for more details.