Chevy Camaro is official for 2009 model year

The Camaro is back. Or will be shortly.  General Motors, hoping to ride the coattails of the success of other muscle cars put back on the road by its competitors, will re-introduce the Camaro for 2009.

The last Chevy Camaro rolled off production lines at the Ste. Therese, Que., assembly plant in 2002 when declining sales prompted GM to close the facility.  Which plant will get the born again Camaro remains a GM secret but the multi-purpose Oshawa complex is a consideration.

The Camaro was a mainstay in GM’s stable of cars and for 35 years enjoyed success. GM is hoping to recapture that lustre, much as its rivals have by bringing back updated versions of their muscle cars.

GM plans to stick V6 or V8 engines that will get as many as 400 horses working. It should be available in automatic and standard transmissions, and independent rear suspension. Don’t be surprised if some of the exterior cosmetics bear a likeness to models of days gone by, that long nose, offensive lineman-wide stance, but short deck.

GM says it was encouraged by the response it received when the Camaro concept was announced in Detroit last January during the International Auto Show.

GM is also hoping the Camaro will shore up sagging sales. Auto insiders say GM could expect sales in the 100,000 range for the first year.