Audi reveals Crosslane concept at the 2012 Paris Auto Show

Audi took the wraps of its latest teaser. The Crosslane Concept is being touted as the precursor to an all new Crossover to be introduced within three years.

The Crosslane offers a unique styling effort with its fusion of SUV stance and Coupe-like aggressive sheet metal. The design team took things a bit farther by giving the Crosslane a targa like removable roof panel.
The Crosslane also includes a space frame construction that incorporates lightweight aluminum, fibreglass and carbon-fibre, similar to what Audi uses in their LeMans racing entries.
Power for the Crosslane comes from a plug-in hybrid drivetrain that features a three-cylinder 1.5L gasoline engine and two electric motors.
The lightweight crossover weighs a scant 1390 kgs, and will allegedly travel 100 kms on only 1.1 litres of gasoline.
Look for a production version of the Crosslane sometime in late 2014 or 2015 as a new Q2 model. instead of slotting below the Q3, as one would suspect, the Q2 will likely be a premium cross-market model for Audi.