2015 Audi A3 e-tron production model debuts at Beijing Auto Show

During the Audi press conference at the 2014 Auto China car show in Beijing, Audi CEO Rupert Stadler was eager to talk about electric vehicles.
Stadler confirmed the Audi A6L e-tron sedan shown as a concept at last year’s Auto China in Shanghai, would be produced at the Audi factory in Changchun, China when it eventually goes on sale for the Chinese domestic market in 2016.
2015 Audi A3 e-tron at Beijing Auto Show
During Stadler’s speech, the covers were lifted off the final production version the A3 e-tron plug-in hybrid Sportback. The 5 door electric vehicle will be the first of many e-tron models Audi will bring to market. Most of the technical details have been previous revealed but the esthetic items such as wheels, trims pieces and market packaging have been finalized.
When the vehicle hits showrooms in the Spring of 2015, it will feature a 1.4L TFSI turbo-charged gasoline engine paired with a 75 kilowatt electric motor. The water-cooled on-board battery will provide an all-electric range of up to 50 kilometers, before resorting to the combustion engine. The A3 e-tron will boast up to 940 kms of driving range utilizing both systems.
The combined engine and electric motor provides the equivalent of 204 horsepower, enough to result in a top speed of 222 km/hr and a 0-100 km/hr time of 7.1 seconds. Audi reported fuel consumption of 1.5L per 100 kms.
Audi’s press release for the A3 e-tron revealed some other interesting features of the car.
-the battery system weighs 125 kilograms.
-a liquid cooling system feeding four cooling plates, keeps the eight battery modules within a predetermined temperature range during operation. The cooling system represents a separate low-temperature circuit in the car and runs on a separate cooler housed in the engine compartment. If need be, it can be connected to the air conditioning system and even divided into two subsidiary circuits.
-In the event of a crash sufficiently severe to trigger the belt tensioners or airbags, the entire system is disconnected from the power supply. The flat-shaped battery is bolted to the vehicle floor, under the rear bench seat – an area of extra reinforcement, for added safety.
Drivers of the A3 e-tron will barely notice any difference in the operation of the vehicle. The hybrid system has been designed to operate as close to a regular combustion engine powered A3 as possible. The electric motor, weighing 34 kilos, has been integrated into the six-speed dual clutch transmission and operates seamlessly.
The Audi CEO also projected an electrified future at Audi with the introduction of a full range of E-tron electric models; “In the years to come, we will globally launch a new Audi e-tron every year: I have already mentioned the A3 and the A6 e-tron. Our flagship model A8 and our top SUV model Q7 will be offered as e-tron models as well. Our goal is to have an e- tron version of all key model series by 2020.”