2024 Audi RS6 and RS7 Performance editions

Audi Sport has launched more potent versions of the 2024 RS6 Avant and 2024 RS7 Sportback. The Audi RS6 and RS7 Performance models are designed to raise the bar on both performance and driver excitement.2024 Audi RS6 Performance front grille

2024 Audi RS7 Performance frontVisually Audi has differentiated the Performance models by rendering the aerodynamic pieces on and around the front air splitter, the side sills, side mirrors and rear diffuser in matte paint or carbon. Inside the cabin, blue RS emblem stitching in the sports seats highlight the package choice. An RS Design Plus package adds additional blue accents, most notably as an added blue strand integrated into the carbon-fibre weave laid out in the cabin.

Changes to the Audi Virtual Cockpit include stoplight indicators to assist drivers using Launch Control, advising on the optimal time to release the brake and accelerate. The RPM gauge in the display also changes colour when the 8-speed transmission is shifted into manual mode.

Power in the 4.0L turbochargedV8 engines have been raised from 590HP to 621HP, while torque rises to 627 lb-ft. The additional power stems from the use larger turbochargers coupled with an increase in turbo boost pressure from 2.4 to 2.6 bar. Fitted with the most powerful internal combustion engines (ICE) Audi has produced, either model will now accelerate from 0-100 km/h in 3.4 seconds, a reduction of 0.2 secs. Both RS6 and RS7 models are limited to a top speed of 305 km/h.2024 Audi RS6 Performance rear

Aside from simply being faster, the Performance models also sound faster with the removal of 8 kilos of sound insulation. As with other Performance or Competition models, weight reduction forms part of the enhancement equation. Another area Audi focused on was reducing the unsprung weight of the vehicles. To that end engineers developed a new 22 inch Y spoke rim, paired with Continental SC7 tires. Aside from being visually stunning, the wheels reduce the weight of each wheel by 5 kgs. The tires also provide addition grip and help to reduce stopping distance from 100 km/h by 2 metres.

The RS6 and RS7 models are naturally fitted with the iconic Audi Quattro all-wheel-drive system including a self-locking centre differential as well as a sport differential on the rear axle that shuttles torque to the left or right wheels to prevent understeer at the front. Audi engineers have tweaked the centre differential to sharpen the power distribution and enhance handling.

Driving the new models on public roadways limited how many of the enhancements we could experience. Fortunately, driving along the Pacific Coast out from Napa Valley allows for some pretty twisty pavement, much of it as seemingly unrealistic legal speed limits. As a daily commuter either the RS6 Performance or RS7 Performance have perfectly agreeable road manners and utilizing the Audi Drive Select mode of comfort occupants are simply able to absorb the comfort and luxury these premium vehicles offer. Outside of the towns and residential areas, either of the RS 1 or 2 buttons on the steering wheel are able to tailor the driving dynamics of the vehicles to the levels of vehicle response needed. From exhaust note, to throttle and steering response or suspension calibration, custom tailoring of the driving characteristics of the RS6 or RS7 can switch from family hauler to race-car in milliseconds. With the vehicle is performance mode and the traction control scaled back, the Performance versions of these cars are spine tinglingly spectacular. The precision with which the steering and suspension collaborate to point the vehicle where the driver intends it is uncanny. The massive 285/30 tires play a large part in ensuring the RS6 or RS7 stay planted on the pavement. Either the new tire/wheel package or driveline differential enhancements have helped to reduce understeer in corners.

The booming V8 sound is omnipresent in sport mode with the exhaust note enhanced and less noise insulation to isolate the driver. Under regular driving conditions and in normal drive select mode, the removal of the sound-absorbing material is not evident.

2024 Audi RS7 PerformanceOptions within the RS Performance package include choices between an air controlled suspension or a Dynamic Ride Control with steel springs, as well as a choice of brakes, either traditional steel rotors or a Ceramic package. The driving environment of our test route made it difficult to see more than subtle differences in the optional upgrade to the brake package. The suspension choice was more evident with the Dynamic Ride Control suspension providing a more precise feel.

Taking a vehicle already as potent as either an Audi RS6 or RS7 and venturing to upgrade the performance or emotional response from the driver is no small feat. Audi has added enough performance and road feedback to elevate these vehicles where they should appeal to enthusiast buyers looking for a truly visceral driving experience.

The current crop of ICE powered vehicles from Audi are about as good as they will ever get. The future of the company has been charted into the field of at least partial electrification. The 2024 Audi RS6 and RS7 Performance should be seen as an enthusiastic salute to the Internal Combustion Engine as drivetrain technology evolves.

The 2024 Audi RS6 and RS7 Performance models are now on sale at local dealerships, whether any are still available is another story. For more on the RS performance models please visit Audi’s Website.