Mercedes Benz GL 450, First Look All New Sport Utility Vehicle

Brand new for the 2007 model year, Mercedes will debut the Tuscaloosa, Alabama built GL450, which will augment their SUV line up. Even though the G-Wagon will not be sold in Canada for 2006, the GL does not officially replace the G-Wagon worldwide.

This is a big SUV at 5,088-millemetres or 200.315 inches of overall length and 3,075-mm or 121.063inches in the wheelbase; this makes the seven-passenger GL450 larger than a regular wheelbase Cadillac Escalade.

Interior cargo room is a strong point with a power folding third row of seats to yield 43.8 cubic feet of cargo room. With the centre row of seats folded away, a long, flat floor produces 81.2 cubic feet. The overall distance or the cargo area in this configuration is 2,128 mm or 83.78 inches.

The GL is powered by all-new 4.6L, 32-valve, twin-cam V8 producing 340 horsepower and 339 pound-feet of torque. Mated to the potent new engine are a 7 speed automatic transmission and the Mercedes 4Matic all wheel drive system. A low gear transfer case with locking differentials is also available with an optional off road package.

Look for this vehicle in showrooms in 2006!