2022 Genesis GV70 SUV Road Test

The 2022 Genesis GV70 compact SUV, represents the brand’s second entry into the luxury SUV market. Most already know that Genesis is the luxury nameplate from Hyundai. Although Genesis launched in Canada with the exciting G70 sedan, the SUV market is where it needs to make an impression to gain market share. 2022 Genesis GV70 front lights

The Genesis GV70 comes in 6 trim levels, four are paired with a 300HP, 2.5L turbocharged four cylinder engine. The top two tiers are powered by the 375HP, 3.5L six cylinder turbo gasoline engine. Our test vehicle was the Advanced Plus model, third priciest in the lineup to be fitted with the 2.5L engine.

You’d be hard pressed to identify anything relatable to Hyundai in this vehicle. The styling is bold, attractive and quite Germanic. From the large chrome trapezoid front grille, past the futuristic and minimalist, two line LED headlights, back to a similar treatment with the rear lights, the Genesis GV70 is a winner in the styling department. Adding to the exterior design are large air intakes, a sleek rakish profile and large 19 inch, highly polished alloy wheels. The first day with this vehicle I actually approached a Porsche Macan from the side, wondering why the doors wouldn’t unlock with the key fob. 2022 Genesis GV70

The cabin treats occupants to everything one would expect in the luxury vehicle class. Front heated and cooled leather seats with multiple power adjustments provide outstanding comfort and support with reasonable side bolsters. The rear seats look equally attractive. However, rear seat legroom looks less generous. Initially, the leather covered seating looked to be black but as the sun came out and illuminated the cabin, it became apparent that the vehicle was tailored in dark green leather. This was a very pleasant surprise. The dashboard and door panels were also covered in the green leather. The blend of tasteful materials and thoughtful design place the GV70 near “best in class” for interior design. Two large chrome rotary discs on the centre console act as gear selector and input interface for the 14.5 inch touch control screen mounted atop the dashboard. Two recessed knurled aluminum rollers control volume and channel selection. Chrome buttons on the leather wrapped steering wheel replicate these controls. 2022 Genesis GV70 interior

The test vehicle came equipped with a slew of premium comfort and safety equipment. The packaging of options makes it onerous to try and convey the choices in review but feel free to check out the full listing at the Genesis GV70 website. Fit and finish are top notch and the vehicle along with the switchgear have a very solid and crisp feel when interacting with them.

Road manners of the Genesis GV70 do not disappoint. The base 2.5L engine pretty much matches other players in the luxury market with its 300Hp output, but more importantly, the engine produces 311 lb-ft of torque, which is available at a low 1600 rpm. This availability of low end torque is key for acceleration and urban drivabilty.

Drivers have a choice of five electronic drive modes which can recalibrate the vehicle’s ride from plush and luxurious to sporting and firm. Optional terrain settings for sand, mud, and snow, help the GV70 ensure its able to handle most anything thrown at it. Genesis realizes that the most off road experience any GV70 will see is the unpaved driveway of the owners rural vacation property. To that end, handling and vehicle setup, leans more towards comfort and luxury. Prospective buyers likely prefer it that way.

In terms of utility, the GV70 has 819 litres of storage which balloons to 1,610 litres with the rear seats folded flat. A word of caution on the storage: I did need to load a large cardboard box in the back and the aerodynamic rear shape did make the fit somewhat tight, with the sloping rear glass getting in the way. 2022 Genesis GV70 rear lights

As alluded to earlier, the Genesis GV70 comes in six trim levels, ranging from $49,000 to $75,500. The Genesis sales model means those prices are non-negotiable with taxes added Our tester listed at $59,000 and sits well positioned to compete in the premium compact SUV market. Genesis vehicles come with five years of scheduled maintenance (to a max of 100,000 KMS) with pickup and drop off service, roadside assistance, subscription services and navigation updates.

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Driving the Genesis GV70 and other new entries into the luxury vehicle market brings me back to a core question, what is luxury? Specifically, what is a luxury car? Over the century and more that we’ve had with the motor carriage, technical evolution and creature comforts were always the benchmarks that a buyer could look to in order to justify a premium purchase. These days once expensive and cutting edge technology is available to any manufacturer willing to pay for it. Some manufacturers realized this shift was coming and invested in their BRAND, and used that to migrate down into less expensive classes of vehicles, even marketing pickup trucks. Its ever more confusing these days as previously classed economy car manufacturers move upmarket to challenge premium car makers who are converting mid market buyers.