Infiniti Etherea Concept car revealed at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show

In the wake of its sponsorship deal with the Red Bull Formula One racing team, Inifiniti brought a compact concept car to the 2011 Geneva Motor Show.

Infiniti Etherea Concept car from the 2011 Geneva Motor Show

The vehicle looks ready to do battle in the luxury compact segemnt with the likes of the Audi A3, BMW 1 Series, Mercedes B Class or the Lexus CT200h. Size-wise, the Etherea is smaller than the current G series models produced by Infiniti. The fact the platform of the Etherea is powered by a gasloine/electric hybrid engine gives further credence to the comparison with the Lexus CT200.

In fact, the Etherea uses the same hybrid hardware as found in Infiniti’s M35 Hybrid. The electric motor is situated between the engine and transmission. The vehicle can be operated in an all-electric mode, gasoline only as well as a combined mode. The gasoline engine used in the Etherea is the well known 2.5L model used in Nissan vehicles as well.
From a styling perspective, the Etherea shows quite a few cues from the earlier Infiniti Essence Concept