2022 Audi A8L revealed

Audi has undertaken a mid-cycle update to its flagship sedan, the A8. 2022 Audi A8L

The revisions for the 2022 Audi A8 include mild changes to the styling, improved lighting, additional technology and new models for some markets.

As pioneers in the automotive lighting spectrum, Audi engineers have updated the lighting technology for both front and rear lights. The front lights have been updated with a new segmented top row of lights and an optional digital matrix system. This system utilizes a million pixels to not only customize the initial and departing light signatures but also allows the vehicle to adjust the light beam being projected to suit the road or driving conditions. The system can identify a narrowing road and only illuminate only the road path ahead. Another benefit of the digital matrix system is a lack of glare on the road.

The rear lights have been upgraded to a new OLED LED system that not only increases visibility but also allows for customizable rear light signatures.

Predominantly, styling changes have been focused on the iconic Audi single frame front grille. A new accentuated equator line run through the grille, while chrome trim around the perimeter accentuates the front end, including a new contour added below the front lights. The chrome treatment runs around the vehicle, with lower chrome accents running on the rocker panels back to the tailpipes. The design of the single frame grille changes for various models of the A8, such as the S8, a new S-Line model and an all new, dedicated to the Chinese market, A8L Horch edition.

A new S-Line package comes with sporty front air intakes, 21 inch wheels and an S-Line specific rear valance. S-Line embossed leather seats combined with a unique 3-spoke steering wheel, highlight the upgraded S-Line treatment.

A reworked Audi S8 performance model is also coming. Aside from the model specific front grill, the S8 will be the only model with 4 tailpipes and feature a unique rear OLED light signature. Mechanically, the S8 features a 571HP output engine and active suspension technology. Look for 0-100 km/hr times of 3.8 seconds according to Audi spokespeople.

2022 Audi A8L HorchMost interestingly, Audi announced an ultra exclusive model, The A8L Horch, for sale only in the Chinese market. According to Audi, 86,000 units of the most recent A8 have been sold Globally. Of these total sales, 60% have been delivered to China. In an effort to recognize the importance of the market, Audi reached back to its heritage and attached the Horch name to its top of the line trim level. Horch was one of the founding companies of Auto Union, which went on to be called Audi.

The Horch will feature a unique front grille, specific interior with embossed seats and an extra long wheelbase. The Horch will be 13 cm longer than the already extended wheelbase found in the A8L. Audi expects the Horch to account for 20-25% of A8 sales in China. There was no indication of what price premium a buyer would pay for this additional comfort and exclusivity.

There were no power-train changes announced for existing models. Globally, the A8 can be powered by either a V6 diesel, V6 petrol, V8 petrol or a plugin hybrid powertrain. The Horch edition will also retain the petrol powered V8 engine.

Audi has undertaken to keep the A8 at the forefront of the luxury Sedan segment by refining the design, offering updated options and colours and infusing the latest technology being developed at the brand. 2022 Audi A8L front seats